Abuse policy

Spotted anything weird or wrong about EduVinci? Let us know and we will try help.

Hello! Online world is evolving rapidly nowadays, and sometimes weird things happen.
EduVinci is working with different third parties to promote our services online. We require that only legal promotion methods, but since regulations vary in different countries and monitoring everything is nearly impossible, we appreciate your input.

If you believe that

  • our website is linking to your website when it shouldn’t be

  • your website is linking to our website when it shouldn’t be

  • your name is present at our webpage when it shouldn’t be

  • you have been redirected to our website when you shouldn’t have been

  • anything else related to EduVinci happened

then you are looking at the right page. Please submit the form below, providing the detailed information regarding the issue. We will check everything and do our best to fix the problem or forward you in the right direction.

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